Mei – aromatherapy for well-being

Behind the mysterious term „Mei rituals“ stands the philosophy of scientific well-being based on a specific aromatherapy with essential oils from wild plants and special herbal infusions.

To complete the holistic effect throughout to the feet the Podostrigiles as a powerful massage tool is applied.

Gentle detoxification and new energy flow

The Mei rituals draw all the wearing toxins from your body – and provide it with fresh energy. For you this means: All new well-being and a healthy glow.

Power of traditional medicinal plans from Italy

Mei is an Italian family business that has Mei has made a name for itself in the field of aromatherapy for over 20 years - It provides our hotel with highly effective care products, which are obtained from force of natural medicinal plants.

See for yourself how quickly the Mei rituals help you regain physical strength and mental freshness.

For a vital body

The Mei rituals work wonders - whether it is general revitalization, successfully combating cellulite accumulations or systematic detoxification.

Mediterraneo - for relaxation and balance:
Gentle detoxification with the scrub of green clay, targeted aromatherapy with orange and lemon, gentle scalp massage and relaxing tea from the gardens of Sicily

60 Min.
105,- €

Mei - Tree of Life:
Full body treatment for deep drainage and energizing the body with exfoliation, intensive mud from Italian clay, seaweed and essential oils for the back, oil massage
including aromatherapy, scalp cleaning and tea from the Oriental gardens

50 Min.
89,- €

For a radiant face

The depth of this Mei ritual is not just limited to the face, it triggers a wave of well-being throughout the body:

Anti-age - Treatment:
The treatment is specifically designed to restore muscle tone, luminosity and firmness of the skin.
The Tamanu- oil helps fight against free radicals and skin folds.
The ritual also includes aromatherapy, scalp treatment, ears massage and is finished with an herbal tea.

50 Min.
85,- €

RoseMei - Treatment:
The essential oil of the Persian Rose as the main ingredient, makes the ritual into a real gem.
The distinctive aroma comes from the scrub, the tonic and the cream.
The ritual also includes aromatherapy, scalp treatment, ears massage and is finished with an herbal tea.

35 Min.
56,- €

For loose feet

You grant yourself and your feet some time out for a quick recovery with this soothing Mei ritual.

PMP® - Welcome:
The wonder of freshness and vitality, thanks to the effect of this ritual on the feet, causes a stimulating effect and relieves tension.

15 Min.
29,- €

Mild detoxification with the scrub of green clay, effective blockades easing using essential oils, soothing hand and Podostrigiles massage with medicinal products

50 Min.
85,- €

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