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We only feel really well when our skin is properly looked after. Our spa treatments will lead you into a fascinating world of Caribbean-style relaxation.

Benefit from Premium treatments.

Every treatment begins with the invigorating “Ouanalao Serenity” preparation from the Ligne St Barth range. This little ceremony helps you relax more quickly and more deeply, in order for you to be able to enjoy the actual treatment more intensely. This is followed by pampering the senses with exotic oils and essences from Tiaré blossoms. For the masters of creation this is an uncomplicated form of care, which works very swiftly and achieves a real feeling of complete wellbeing.

High time to relax

Discover our wide range of beauty treatments, which we offer in conjunction with the cosmetics concern Ligne St Barth – and reserve relaxation you can see, to suit your taste.

Ligne St Barth

The place where Ligne St Barth is created is on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean: St Barthélemy. The company is run by the Brin family, whose French ancestors settled here centuries ago. These innovative products are the combination of a deep knowledge of traditions passed down from the original inhabitants of the Caribbean with the latest scientific findings and the most modern technology available. And the result? Exceptional quality and extraordinary purity.

Treatments Ligne St Barth

St Barth Chill Out
Deeply relaxing body treatment with warm clams

Come in and chill out!

90 Min.
169,- €

St Barth Softness
Gentle body peeling massage with coconut oil and fresh papaya

45 Min.
85,- €

St Barth Harmony
Pampering body massage  

60 Min.
99,- €

St Barth Harmony Short
Relaxing back or foot massage with avocado or coconut oil 

30 Min.
55,- €

St Barth Peace of Mind
Pampering head massage and intensively nourishing hair treatment

45 Min.
85,- €

St Barth Dream
Exotic beauty bath

20 Min.
45,- € 55,- €

St Barth Elasticity
Intensive body care to improve the appearance of the skin through valuable minerals and vitamins as a natural component of clay and fresh pineapple or cucumber mousse. The care products ensure a smooth and firm skin.

40 Min.
80,- €

St Barth Pureness
Delicate facial and décolleté treatment with additional hand massage

60 Min.
109,- €

St Barth Pureness Short
Caribbean freshness treatment for face and décolleté

30 Min.
59,- €

St Barth Slimness
Soothing and relaxing leg massage

30 Min.
55,- €

The prices incl. 19% tax..

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