Tub relaxation

If you want to give your body a treat, our deep-effect baths and body packs are exactly what you need.

Deep relaxation through and through.

The special treatments provided by our wellness experts provide skin cleansing, muscle relaxation, circulation enhancement, and metabolism stimulation, to calm and restore the vegetative nervous system. You have a choice between Hydroxeur baths with revitalizing full massage from 252 nozzles, or a crystal bath for two with a soundwave massage, coloured light and magnetic field therapy. Or, after an invigorating body peeling experience on the softpack lawn, simply arrange a special package of your own choice.


Cleopatra bath / Cesar bath

25 Min.
40,-€ 55,-€

Sea Salt Bath

25 Min.
30,-€ 39,-€

Rose oil Care Bath

25 Min.
28,-€ 38,-€

Herbal bath
(eucalyptus or lavender)

25 Min.
30,-€ 39,-€

Body packs

Cleopatra full body pack
Relaxing body wrap with mare's milk and avocado oil

40 Min.

Coconut body pack
Pleasantly scented pampering package with pure coconut oil for true connoisseurs

40 Min.

Calendula-Creme body pack
for dry and sensitive skin

40 Min.

Daily offers

Floral Magic
25 Min. gentle wellness peeling
25 Min. rose oil care bath with smoothie
60 Min. delicate full body massage

110 Min.

Consistent with Body & Soul
25 Min. gentle wellness peeling
75 Min. full body massage from head to toe
40 Min. Cleopatra full body pack

140 Min.

Time to Dream
30 Min. back massage and a glass of Prosecco
30 Min. St Barth Pureness Short: Caribbean freshness treatment for face and décolleté
40 Min. foot care or hand care

100 Min.

Harmony for two
25 Min. Cleopatra bath for twoIncluding a glas of champagne
50 Min. Relaxation for the senses for two

75 Min.

The prices incl. 19% tax..

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