Enjoy your healthy sleep in the Hotel Bornmuehle

A sound sleep is an essential prerequisite for relaxation, recreation, welfare, health and inner harmony. Therefore, the holistic Samina Healthy sleep concept has been implemented in all rooms at the hotel Bornmuehle. It is our desire to help the guests get a bioenergetic® sleep. And this is what allows the hotel Bornmuehle to offers its guests a unique sleep experience with very positive effects on all levels.

The SAMINA healthy sleep concept

Man spends just over one third of his life in his sleep - that phase, in which the vital physical and mental regeneration takes place. Health, performance and well-being of people depend critically on the quality of sleep. The  SAMINA sleep system provides the best conditions for one to fall asleep relaxed, to  stay in a premium quality sleep  and to awake refreshed.

The SAMINA sleeping system is based on the findings of modern sleep medicine and meets all requirements of biology, sleep medicine, orthopedics, bed-climate, hygiene and materials to ensure a healthy sleep.

Unique Healthy sleep system with the highest quality standards

The SAMINA sleep system is each a unique piece of outstanding quality made with valuable, natural, raw materials as well as carefully hand-manufactured at the company headquarters in Frastanz (Vorarlberg). The harmonious and natural interaction between the individual sleep system elements ensures maximum sleeping comfort: the double-sided, free-swinging slat frame with slats made of highly elastic, solid ash wood balances any movement of the body from almost without any delay and promotes deep sleep and great quality of sleep. Notably, the regeneration of the spinal column together with its discs is supported.

The high point elasticity and the optimal resilience behavior of the mattress pad made of 100% natural rubber prevent pressure sensations on the skin and muscles and continuously ensure the full arterial and venous blood flow. The all-natural, breathable cotton and 100% organic sheep's wool of the pads, blankets and pillows create a dry warm bed climate.

With your favorite SAMINA pillow you are always on

Healthy sleep starts in the mind: In close cooperation with renowned sleep experts, a new generation pillow was created, that fulfill different recumbency demands. We use the models "Standard" and "Delta" in the guest rooms of our hotel. Naturally, you can choose any another model at any time you wish. And of course, we offer you the opportunity to purchase your own favorite pillow for the same wonderful sleeping comfort at home.

  • SAMINA pillows standard
    SAMINA pillows standard
  • SAMINA pillows delta
    SAMINA pillows delta
  • SAMINA pillows nature soft
    SAMINA pillows nature soft
  • SAMINA pillows phoenix
    SAMINA pillows phoenix

Dreamlike SAMINA duvets for all seasons

A harmonious bed climate is fundamentally important for restorative and healthy sleep. All wool fillings in SAMINA bedding are, without exception, made from 100% organic virgin sheep’s wool with a high degree of self-cleaning ability, and obtained from sheep that run wild. Virgin sheep’s wool is absolutely one of the best climate fibres – in winter comfortably warm and in summer pleasantly cool. Its extraordinary ability to absorb around 30% of its own weight in moisture which is then evaporated into the atmosphere of the room make virgin sheep’s wool an ideal filling. SAMINA duvets are simply gorgeous; soft to the touch and with a floating quality. The cover is made from natural cotton ticking in twisted yarn quality, finished with cross-stitching.

The SAMINA four seasons duvet provides an optimal bed climate for all seasons. It consists of an airy summer duvet and a warm spring/autumn duvet. For the cold winter nights the two can be combined to a winter duvet. Also within the range, a light and airy summer duvet “Midsummer Night Dream”.

  • SAMINA Midsummer Night Dream Duvet
    SAMINA Midsummer Night Dream Duvet
  • SAMINA Summer Duvet
    SAMINA Summer Duvet
  • SAMINA Spring/Autumn Duvet
    SAMINA Spring/Autumn Duvet
  • SAMINA Four Seasons Duvet
    SAMINA Four Seasons Duvet

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